Monday, May 30, 2011

Next Prime Minister of Pakistan, “Imran Khan”

Who is Imran Khan and Why We Love Him?

We don’t love him because he is an super star of our Pakistani Cricket but we love him as human being who take pain for poor people of Pakistan and a dreamer of Peaceful, prosperous, just and developed Pakistan.

Please watch this video below to know more about Imran Khan

In recent years the way he is emerging as a Global Leader for mankind, the whole Pakistan is wishing that, “Imran Khan as next Prime Minister of Pakistan”

He is the one and only Leader of Pakistan who already done several development projects for Pakistan without being part of the Government of Pakistan. I want to share some of his achievements and list goes like:

  1. Nations Glory by winning 1992 Cricket World Cup
  2. Initiating the biggest charity campaign in the country
  3. A state of the art Cancer Hospital in Lahore Pakistan in which providing hope to the thousands of Pakistanis. Where rich and poor treated the same
  4. Namal College, One of the best education Institute in Pakistan
  5. Active participant Judicial Movement
  6. Gathered thousands of students who volunteered for relief effort during worst flood of Pakistan’s history
  7. Rebuilding 100 complete villages

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  1. are right...Imran khan is right...he is honest hardworking person but also having some he is over confident...he is always saying in each of his seminar "tsunami is coming and all that.."it is very bad...