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Appendicitis or Appendix (Intestine Diseases), Symptoms of Appendicitis and Appendicitis Treatment | Healthmad

Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix is a worm in the intestine as an organ located just below where the small intestine opens into the large intestine. Appendicitis is caused by a bacterial infection of intestinal contents.

Appendicitis is caused by infection of bacteria in the gut contents , which causes swelling of the body and often blocking the opening of the organ in the intestine. Often, a`ppendicitis may be a small piece of stool that blocks the mouth, causing an inflammatory reaction causing further swelling. Rarely, parasites such as worms may be responsible for this blockade.

Appendicitis symptoms

The main appendicitis symptoms is abdominal pain, which classically begins around the navel, and settled quickly on the bottom right quadrant, above the groin. This is related to a disease such as fever, which can be large and associated with feeling sick and vomiting. Area over the right groin is very tender and the patient touches the area covered, if left unrecognized infection spreads to who is called the peritoneum, causing the overall tenderness, and push the left side causes pain in the appendix. It is not uncommon, appendicitis begins slowly, vague pain comes and goes, and can be difficult to diagnose. Appendicitis can also be very serious, because the swollen body can break, causing the pressure inside the perforation and peritonitis, which have serious complications.

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