Monday, May 30, 2011

Perhaps President Obama Should Raid Israel and Kick Out Netanyahu | Socyberty

Absolute peace in the Middle East will only be possible if a separate and free Palestine is carved out of the current dual state. The stumbling block to this initiative is not the ordinary Israeli as many would think but a myopic leadership led by the same old Benjamin Netanyahu. Should NATO invade Tel Aviv like they did Libya and kick him out?

The United States has been an obstacle to peace in the Middle East
There is only one stumbling block to peace in the Middle East and it isn’t Israel or its leadership, it’s the United States which has been the real obstacle not only in the Arab world but elsewhere on the planet. Israel owes its existence to the United States and other western powers and only these powers have ensured that it survives the onslaught leveled against it by Arab countries, some of which haven’t recognized the holy land’s very existence.
Middle East problem requires a political solution that must include a free Palestine
I have argued in the past, and forgive me if this was wrong, that the only solution to the Middle East problem lies in creation of a free Palestine with an accountable government that will be responsible for any acts of omission or commission arising from citizens within its borders. The current amorphous arrangement can not even be trusted to check its own citizenry leave alone preventing trouble for Israel.
Old Netanyahu is a stumbling block to peace in the Middle East
President Obama has of late bought the same idea of a free Palestine, and guess who doesn’t want this to happen, it is the same old Benjamin Netanyahu. He doesn’t want a free Palestinian state and for that reason thinks the pre-1967 borders suggested by Obama and like minded fellows like you and me are the problem. He has told off Obama in plain and simple terms to keep off Israeli affairs.

NATO should invade Tel Aviv and kick out Netanyahu
Can you guess what Obama will be doing? He will run away from the truth with his tail firmly hidden between his legs. Since it is Israel we are talking about, you won’t hear of sanctions, you won’t hear about withdrawal of aid, you won’t hear active disapproval from the ever hypocritical western powers, and neither will you see NATO invading Tel Aviv to kick out Netanyahu and push for a settlement that will guarantee peace!

The problem is not with Israelis but with the myopic leadership in place
The Israelis have no major problem with their Arab cousins, the ordinary Jew has the capacity to coexist with people of all races and creeds, but a leadership of the kind that is in place at the moment can not guarantee peace to anyone, leave alone Palestinians. Leaders such Ariel Sharon and now Netanyahu have a colonial mentality that wont go away in the near future unless the free world intervenes and shows them the door.

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