Saturday, May 14, 2011

Give me the Proof of Death of my Father – Umer bin Osama

From the day one I was writing about lack of evidence regarding death of Osama bin Laden and also shift in day one statements, it’s very hard to believe on US government who is already very well known as liar regarding their previous actions in Iraq. Whenever their public demands for financial or social reforms they generate Hollywood styled fiction stories which in the end come out as nothing but a lie. Today Osama bin Laden’s Son Umer proves my concern was not wrong when he put a demand in front of US government.

International news Agency has claimed that, “Umer bin Osama has demanded proof of his Father’s death from US Government”.

Giving interview to a US newspaper Umer bin Osama has said, “Without physical witness of my father’s death it’s very hard to believe on death of my father because they have not given any solid proof yet. We want proof so we can believe that our father is no more in this word.

I will be not surprise if US official deny his demand by saying this is not possible because of our National Security. What do you think about it?

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