Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama bin Laden is Still Alive and Obama is lying ?

Osama bin Laden is Still Alive? Obama is lying ? What is going on?

US President Obama has claim that Osama bin Laden is Killed but they did not provide any proof and just saying they have buried him in the Sea. But I saw an video on Facebook shared by so many of my friends that they have use Adobe Photoshop to create this fake picture of dead Osama. Is it really true? Osama bin Laden is still alive? President Obama is lying ? or this is just an propaganda against US ? See the Photoshop trick.....

Now take a look to this picture in which President Obama is also killed by this Photoshop technique. See it now

Now question is raise, "Can we believe on them? or we believe on Obama? or everything is just a theory?. Are you thinking? Now think little harder......

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