Thursday, May 26, 2011

Higher Risk of Asthma in Children-screen Watching | Healthmad

Too much of television and computer can cause asthma in children.

There are many reasons to be concerned of your child’s health, sitting for long hours in front of the television or computer screen, is not a good idea.

Television contributes to asthma in children, but how?

Those children who asthmatic can get worse, sitting and watching the screen may sound weird when you think of it, but, the sedentary, screen time, that catches all phrase for using and electric media, can be a hazard to your child’s health, not only for their brains Children who watch more television have a great chance of obesity, and this is associated with asthma.

The overweight adds to the problem of asthma, by the lungs being compressed it reduces a certain amount of air they can hold, and if the air ways are narrowed from the inflammation of asthma then it will be harder to hold.

Obesity often leads to a level in the body of developing asthma.

Children who don’t have asthma are at a risk, and if they don’t get enough exercises they are more likely to get asthma. From the age of eight to eighteen televisions and computers or video games are part of their lives, even cell phones have become an in thing with children.

Even children who don’t have asthma are at risk. By ot getting enough aerobic exercises could adversely affect their developing lungs, making them more susceptible to the disease.

TV and games

Sometimes parents of children ith asthma can be misguidedly encourage more time for television and computers, thinking it will slow down the symptoms but this actually flares the symptoms of asthma.

Rather draw or do some other activity instead of screen activity.

TV-watching means more snacking.

Eating snacks in front of the screen increases your chance by five times more for the asthma to flare up, than those who didn’t have snacks. Practice healthy eating and habits to your children.

Small screens can distract from therapeutic family time.

Most families communicate with their children in a certain way, if here are positive thoughts in a conversation the symptoms of asthma dies off, and if there are other fun interests in the family the asthma is rare, and treatment has a good effect.

If there is a family with issues, and no communication and talking on the telephone while the television is on with a loud and noisy home, most of the benefits are lost.

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