Saturday, May 14, 2011

TagVillage your Financial Freedom of 2011

January 10, 2011 was the day when I joined TagVillage which is a new platform where we could connect, share and earn money same time and also interact with other major social media sites.

Initial project planning of TagVillag was started in August 2010 when they selected core development team for this project and started their brain storming regarding the project. In the same month team had defined the major components of the project and they also started structure development.

In September 2010 they started Incorporation & Business Development in which they selected their board of directors and officers to start establishing corporate governance mechanism to establish operational management. October and November 2010 were the months in which they started business plan development and identified their potential investment pool to secure project financing. Marketing plan was also initiated in this period and they started brainstorming to finalize the marketing strategies.

December 2010 was the month when they started development of Pre-launch site in which they integrated registration, referral system, funding, bonus system and marketing the site on massive level. That was the time when I joined TagVillage as beta tester and invested $11 and has earned so far more than $700 from tag trading. First we took part in training session in which developers were trying their hard to find bugs and errors to make system function accurately in the future. For me that was the most excited and fun time because I thought we were going to create history being a member of this huge social and financial network.

Now when TagVillage is progressing very fast and removing financial constraint of their members as per their need and requirement I feel proud being part of it. TagVillage is a Financial Freedom for me because being member I am earning decent money every day, week and month. TagVillage is not one time opportunity but it’s your life partner who is providing you golden opportunities not only to earn money but you can socialize and take part in charity at the same time.

The best thing which I like about TagVillage is they allocated a share of their profit for charities for life time and also provide opportunity to their members who want to take part in these good works.

So if you are looking for residual online income while using social media than you must register with TagVillage.

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