Thursday, May 26, 2011

Geothermal Energy to Produce Electricity in New Zeland | Scienceray

In our day to day life the use of electric power is increasing day by day. As the need of electric power is increasing we are lacking to get the sufficient power.It’s a good news to nations that we can get the electricty form hot geothermal fluids.

In Newzeland the conventional geothermal energy derived form boreholes upto 3km deeep, tapping fluids upto 300 degrees celcius. This geothermal energy currentley providing about 13 percent of New Zelan’s total electricity from an installed capacity of about 730 mega watts.

They are hoping to get more electricity by drilling a geothermal for 4 km or more deep. Researchers and Scients from the state – run geothermal and nuclear nuclear science institute, GSN Science are hoping to get more electricty from geothermal fluids to meet the entire country’s demand. They conservativleyestimate that deep geothermal resources could provide 10,000 megawatts for over 100 years for newzeland.

They are saying that they are not satisfied with the tapping of fluids upto 400 degrees celcius. To handle this and to move forward they would need ground breaking sciences and innovation sciences.

Hope fully if they get success in producing more current , we canget some other alternative to over come the scarsity of elctricity .

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