Sunday, May 22, 2011

Al Qaeda Was Made, Trained and Funded by American CIA

Imran Khan an emerging Pakistani Leader who is very popular in the youth of Pakistan which is 53% of Pakistani population. He is against this fake War against Terror and saying from the day one this will create more terror than elimination. We must dialogue to resolve this threat but Americans and Pakistani governments did not listened his voice. Now Americans are negotiating with Taliban which means Imran Khan was right form the beginning.
Imran Khan Emerging Leader of Pakistan said, "Al Qaeda was made, trained and funded by American CIA. 911 was staged by Americans with the help of their own generated Al Qaeda so they can capture Muslim Oily Lands. He was talking to a big gathering at Karachi which was gathered for blocking NATO and Americans supply line for Afghanistan.

He also said, "Pakistan's Peoples Party Government is also part of this fake war and saying this is Pakistan's War but let me clarify you This War against Terror is not Pakistan's War nor it will be our War in future. Our government and Americans are imposing this war on us. We already loss more than 35,000 innocent civilian Pakistani lives and more than 6,000 army personnel’s in this war and still Americans don’t believe on us why? Because they are here for Russian oil not for supporting us financially.
He further told the gathering, "How much aid America has given to us in these 65 years? Just $18 billion? How much we loss in just 2 years? more than $68 billion and this is Government of Pakistan figure. Do you think they gave this aid for nothing? No No No We gave our blood to their War Against Terror, we gave our innocent citizens live to their War. We gave our Financial freedom to their hands. We lost our Friends because of their war. Our country is near to default because of their war. Our people are suffering with hunger because of their wars. Our social structure collapsed because of their war. They gave us Just $18 and took $68 from us. So if Americans want to block our financial aid than what the hell they are waiting for? Go ahead, We don’t need your aid which is hurting our economy very badly. Just stop this war and go home. Osama bin Laden is dead, so what you are looking more. For God sake leave us alone.
He was saying, Americans ask me why you hate us when we are providing assistance to your country? and why you love China more than us do they provide more assistance what we are providing? I replied to them, "American aid always bring some new demands in return" you want us to do more for you before getting your peanuts. This means you are not providing assistance but you want something and that’s why you are ready to give assistance. This means you are not assisting us but trying to exploit our needs. So its natural we hate you. Other hand,  "China never attaches any demands with his assistance" nether they exploit our need but they provide assistance for our long run based projects. Their projects always bring stability in Pakistan but your war brings insecurity to our Pakistan.

Imran Khans sitting to block NATO and American Supply to Afghanistan for War against Terror is going on. This sitting is for 2 days from 21.05.2011 to 22.05.2011 and very huge number of Pakistanis are participating in it. Now we are hearing from people of Pakistan, "We want Imran Khan the next Prime Minister of Pakistan".

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