Friday, May 27, 2011

What is The Benefit For an Article Writer Using Article Publishing Sites?

I am just curious about those article writers all over the world. They have such wonderful talent that if they decided to get residual income instead of upfront payment, they can create a Blog and monetize with adsense and get 100% money from it for their efforts. But instead many people join sites like Bukisa, Hubpages, Triond and many such article bases and share half of their revenue to those sites. Why do they do that?. Is it that they assume these article bases can give their articles more visitors and thus they need not promote them like a blog?

I started an discussion with my friends on mylot and got so many different opinions and found some very interesting facts which I wanted to share with you.

The benefit is that these sites are generally well and regularly crawled by the search engines and also have many regular visitors. You are far more likely to get an article seen by publishing on these sites than you are by publishing it in some obscure little blog. Since 'being seen' (in order to earn more from the advertising published alongside) is one of the reasons for publishing in the first place, that is just one of the benefits that Bukisa, Triond and Hub pages are prepared to share with you.

Before Bukisa, Triond and others decided to use Google Adsense as their advertising provider, they used to do all the complex calculation of who earned what themselves. They also spent a great deal of money on distributing the earnings. When Google offered to do nearly all of this work for them, it was obviously to their advantage to change the way they shared the revenue and so it became necessary for these sites to know our Adsense IDs in order to be able to display ads from the appropriate account.

You do not, I hope, complain that MyLot chooses to share only a proportion of their income with the members. The principle is exactly the same. It is simply that Bukisa, Triond, Hub Pages and a number of other sites have reduced their expenses significantly by allowing Google (and other ad providers) to do the calculation and payments for them. What proportion of the revenue they choose to share is up to them (some, for example, allow 60% of the revenue to go to their members) and is part of the Terms of Service of the site.

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