Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bin Laden Hoax to Expand War Into Pakistan | Newsflavor

Ex ISI Cheif Gen. Retd. hamid Gul say’s, "Bin Laden Hoax to Expand War into Pakistan".

United States of America is trying to start another war? Are they can affoard expansion of war right now when their people are facing major financial crunch? People of United State really love wars? US nation is totally blind and they beleive everything which their higher officials say’s?

In my point of view people of United State don’t want to involve in another war and espacially with Pakistan which is only single root of supply line for their solders in Afghanistan. But actions are telling something else.

This exclusive interview is just broadcast. I am looking for your comments and arguments regarding General Hamid Gul Theory. What you think about it?

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