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Its a matter of our National Security - Says US

I have started an debate on mylot which is very good and an huge debating online site regarding United States statement regarding Osama bin Ladens death evidence demand. This debate is very hot and getting an huge response from the world community which I wanted to share with my viewers.

Here are the details:

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myLot reputation of 57/100. isloooboy (376)   ranked 971 out of 3,881 in politics2 days ago
From the day one I was writing about lack of evidence from US officials regarding Osama bin Laden's death. The way they are shifting from their opening statments its also creating mistrust on them.

Now Umer bin Osama has demanded for proofs of his father's death. He was talking to an International News Paper. He said, "Without physical proof or any solid evidence its very hard to beleive on their claim. I think they are liar and lying just they lied about "Weapon of Mass destruction in Iraq" also they lied about 911 was done by my father etc. So US government must show solid proof regarding death of my father.

I will be not surprised if US government reject his demand regarding proof by saying, "Its a matter of our National Security". What do you think about it?


1. myLot reputation of 94/100. stowyk (7184)   ranked 1,134 out of 3,881 in politics mark best response 2 days ago
happyActually i think it is a matter of national security. You knew they did kill him because he has not came from any where and said I am still alive/. Has he??? the Usnited states government needs to show the pictures of his death to the whole world and to the victims of 9/11 to make everyone fill better.
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myLot reputation of 57/100. isloooboy (376)   ranked 971 out of 3,881 inpolitics 45 minutes ago
Well Iran's Foreign Minster gave statement in which he claimed that they have proof that Osama bin Laden was dead in 2004. My opinion is near to them and when US got confirmation regarding his death they created this thriller action movie. So how Osama can speak after this incident.

Did you noticed that there is no major reaction till now from any Islamic Movement or any Jihadi network because they all new almost 6 or 7 years ago and they buried him according to Islamic ideology.

This was nothing but to pressurise Pakistan to do more and provide US an safe way to exit from graveyard of Super Powers. They mentally accepted defeat from Afghan's whom they are calling Al-Qaeda or Taliban but they are none other than Afghans.

Mistrust was developed against US when they architect Mass Destruction weapons drama and because of it they killed more than 10,000,000 innocent Iraqi people. They hanged Sadam Hussain on Eid-ul-Azha (Day of sacrifice for Muslims) and shown his death live to threaten others than how they missed Osama bin Laden's death who was the biggest enemy of US?.Also 911 was the same story now there is so many videos are available on internet about their lies. So its really very very hard to believe on them don't you think so?

So we think they are created environment in which they can take hard line against Pakistan who is already suffering because of their fake war against terror. Almost more than 35, 000 innocent Pakistanis has lost their life's more than 5000 solders are already victim of this so called war. Financially Pakistan has lost more than $70 billion, there is no activity regarding business. Everyone is living with a fear being killed in bomb blast. Drone attacks are also killing innocent peoples of Pakistan in majority.

I think Pakistan was in the thinking process of get rid of this choreographed war against terror and US officials were know that so they stage this thriller action to stop them to say good bye to fake war. Now the way they are trying to threaten Pakistan its an proof what I am writing.
2. myLot reputation of 90/100. whengcat (447)   ranked 2,903 out of 3,881 in politics mark best response 2 days ago
For me, I'm also not convinced that Osama's really dead. Just like what happened before with Saddam Hussein, I think its just a fall guy or something and the real thing is out there hiding somewhere. His son is right, they should give proofs to stop all these speculations.
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3. myLot reputation of 97/100. sarahruthbeth22 (13910) mark best response 2 days ago
I was numb when I heard the news he was killed but when I heard that they weren't going to publish pictures of his dead body , I Knew there would be people who wouldn't believe he was dead! I thought it would be the Republicans who would stir things up. I didn't even think about others. I think as long as the U.S. doesn't show proof he is dead, there will always be people who think he lives.
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myLot reputation of 57/100. isloooboy (376)   ranked 971 out of 3,881 inpolitics 44 minutes ago
What about if he is already dead way long back?

myLot reputation of 97/100. sarahruthbeth22 (13910) 30 minutes ago
That would be ok. We never got to see Hitler's body. Everything went on.
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4. myLot reputation of 68/100. Adoniah (3585)   ranked 177 out of 3,881 in politics mark best response 2 days ago
Hussein Obama has said that he is not going to release the pictures...He mumbled something about them being too graphic...Yeah, right, wrong answer. I still think Bin Laden died in 2001 like the other arabs claimed...I mean they even had services for him. If the Seals had killed the right man, I truly believe that there would be killings right now all over the world in retaliation...Where are they? Where is the wild anger? Why are they only mad at Pakistan? Think about it...
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myLot reputation of 57/100. isloooboy (376)   ranked 971 out of 3,881 inpolitics 43 minutes ago
Osama was patient of kidney's cancer so how it is possible he lived more than 12 years with it?

5. myLot reputation of 95/100. OreoCookie3 (22330)   ranked 140 out of 3,881 inpolitics mark best response 1 day ago
Use common sense and think about this... and give the best response to your first responder.
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myLot reputation of 82/100. RobtheRock (1512)   ranked 176 out of 3,881 in politics 1 day ago
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myLot reputation of 57/100. isloooboy (376)   ranked 971 out of 3,881 inpolitics 40 minutes ago
As per your demand I gave the answer of above question

6. myLot reputation of 93/100. TLChimes (1741)   ranked 183 out of 3,881 in politics mark best response 1 day ago
I don't need to see pictures of a dead body and neither does the world. It is a matter of National Security as well as keeping the outrage of others to a minimum. No one needs that incentive to start a fight.

I don't care when he was killed, he was in body or spirit, controlling things. Videos, tapes, and what ever that HE put out (or was used in) spoke enough for a dead man and his followers. And I agree with your first responder, he would have released an I'M ALIVE statement of video.

There were no real points gained by the President even if the timing was designed to so he has no real reason to keep playing a game with this. It's just another day at the office.
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myLot reputation of 57/100. isloooboy (376)   ranked 971 out of 3,881 inpolitics 24 minutes ago
Why US showed Sadam Hussain's death live and on the Muslims holy day? is it was necessary? if yes than why not Osama's dead body? There is something behind the curtain which they wanted to hide form the world.

7. myLot reputation of 95/100. hardworkinggurl (19514)   ranked 701 out of 3,881 inpolitics mark best response 1 day ago
My humble personal opinion is that it is part of National Security and don't necessarily think that anyone is entitled to any disclosure of it. Personally I also feel that disclosing photos and or anything related to his death may further anger and cause more harm then good.

While I feel that maybe it may give a bit of closure to the victims families who were affected by 9/11, my fear is that any boasting, if we can call it that may further stir up trouble and cause us to be on the attack yet more.

While all above is strictly my opinion, I do not think he has the right to demand anything from out Government. If in fact Osama was so innocent, I do not believe any of them gave any proof and or signs of that being so.
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myLot reputation of 57/100. isloooboy (376)   ranked 971 out of 3,881 inpolitics 22 minutes ago
Did you ever tried to know what was happen on 911 in reality? Just search on google and you will find so many documentaries which are providing solid proof of inside game plan

myLot reputation of 95/100. hardworkinggurl (19514)   ranked 701 out of 3,881 in politics 16 minutes ago
isloooboy I am afraid you are misunderstanding my comment. I know all about 911 dear I live in Illinois. I was saying in my response that when the whole osama situation happened they did not give us a fair chance and hurt our people here so I do not think we owe them anything.

Sad you would think I am not aware of what happened in 911 when I had people I knew directly who worked in the building who actually died in it.cry

I don't think you understood my response.
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myLot reputation of 57/100. isloooboy (376)   ranked 971 out of 3,881 inpolitics 54 seconds ago
Well when you said, "Photos can generate anger I thought you are saying he was the culprit. Do you think he was?

8. myLot reputation of 64/100. andy77e (1607)   ranked 2,087 out of 3,881 in politics mark best response 1 day ago
Umm... I would wager that Osama is dead. The reason is... if he is alive, he's going to find someway of getting the message out. Why?

Do you realize how absolutely embarrassing, and humiliating, as well as discrediting it would be to find out after all this, that Bin Laden was alive? It would shatter faith in the US government at home. It would ruin relations with our allies. It would embolden our enemies to no end. It would cause havoc with Pakistan because now they'd claim we sent commandos into their territory without a reason. (and they'd be right). It would crush the CIA. Wipe out the Navy Seals.

And Obama would be either voted out, resigned, or impeached.

If Bin Laden is not dead, he will do everything in his power to prove he's alive, and soon.

Equally, our people would never claim to have killed Osama if they had not. It would be the end of everyone involved in the plan.

Honestly, the risks for trying to fake it are astronomical, and the benefits are mild at best.
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myLot reputation of 57/100. isloooboy (376)   ranked 971 out of 3,881 inpolitics 20 minutes ago
What about the theory, "He was already dead?"

9. myLot reputation of 82/100. xfahctor (7271)   ranked 41 out of 3,881 in politics mark best response 1 day ago
So, why has Al Quieda not said he was still alive? Why would Al Quieda said he was killed in that raid and sworn revenge for his death? Why no announcement from Bin Laden himself that he is still alive? Your problem is that you're embarrassed that he was sitting right under your government's nose this whole time (probably with their support) right in the middle of a military town.
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myLot reputation of 57/100. isloooboy (376)   ranked 971 out of 3,881 inpolitics 15 minutes ago
For us this was nothing but an very well choreographed thriller movie which was made to pressurize Pakistan who was wanted very badly to get rid of this fake war. Without help of Pakistan US even cant able to run away from his own fake war in Graveyard of Super Powers Afghanistan. They are looking towards Pakistan as a escape goat. How you can trust on a country who is lying from the day one?

10. myLot reputation of 66/100. imnobodyspecial (149)   ranked 2,690 out of 3,881 inpolitics mark best response 22 hours ago
It is not a matter of National Security that the photos have not been published, it is more a matter of dignity, we are not street rabble or ghouls who would glory in the death of a human in such a's a matter of respect for the humanity that Osama bin Laden still maintained. Al Qaeda has stated that they intended reprisals for the death of this man, and they have taken credit for at least one instance of violence in Pakistan. Their reasoning was stated, as the target being in Pakistan is the failure to keep US forces from 'invading' Pakistani soil.

While all the mistrust and accusations are going on I find myself thinking about how little the community knows of what goes on in my own home or that of several others., and how little I know of what is going on in my own neighbors houses.

I know that I could live in a house with no one knowing I am there, I would not forward mail, I would not have any utilities in my name, I'd not have telecommunications, nor a cell phone. I would send others to make the daily purchases I'd need, communicate by most likely the same means as employed by bin Laden. I could if I desired leave the house and no one would know who I am and most would not care as long as I lived quietly and did not bother my neighbors.

All this in a highly technological area...

With a small infrastructure I could live for years in such a fashion with no one the wiser about my location and activities.

I'd imagine if the son of bin Laden made the request to the US government for proof of his father's death they would most likely hold back the pictures of him taken immediately after death and perhaps show him the ones taken just prior to his burial, after he had been cleaned and made as presentable as possible.
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myLot reputation of 57/100. isloooboy (376)   ranked 971 out of 3,881 inpolitics 6 minutes ago
Where was that dignity for a human when they hanged Sadam Hussain? Who was the president of Iraq on that time, is there no such any solidarity with a serving president in the UN laws?

Where was that maturity when the whole Muslim world was celebrating Eid ul Azha (Day of sacrifice) when they hanged him and distributed his live video all around the world?

So please do not give conflicting statements of your actions. 911 was fake and a lie, weapon of mass destruction was fake story and a lie, incident of Osama is also fake story and a lie.

Why you think we must believe on US versions all the time?

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