Friday, May 20, 2011

News Reporter Can’t Stop Laughing: 13 Bears and Marijuana Story( Video and Subs) | Newsflavor

Russian host Tatiana Subotina became a Youtube hit!
If you want to see why, read more about the laughing story and check out the video with english subtitles included.

Russian host Tatiana Subotina became a Youtube hit. Why,you ask? Simple … during live TV news, she went out of control and began to “scream” with laughter. The reason? It was about the news concerning 13 bears, a dog, a vietnamese pig and a racoon, which were guarding a plantation of marijuana in Canada.
As she concluded at the time, bears and a dog guarding the plantation make sense, but it is unclear what was the role of the Vietnamese pig!
- So what the hell is a pig doing there? – Tatiana wondered while trying to catch her breath and then continued to laugh, imagining bears who sit and smoke marijuana …
At the end, she asks: And, why were the bears found sitting? They could at least be standing!
See how it all looked…she keeps laughing, and trying it over and over…but, she cannot be serious…

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