Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Writing: Top 10 SEO Tactics That Will Bring You Thousands of Article Views | Writinghood

Online writing demands that you suffer a traffic jam if you are to earn more from your articles. How can you increase the number of your article views in order to earn more? How can you earn more from your writing without spending much? The following ten SEO tactics could help. No need to quit if you haven’t already!

Online writing without traffic is dead! The following SEO tactics could see any online writer increase his or her page views and earn more from writing. What should you do?

  • Strive for quality – Do not ignore quality for the sake of quantity. Trash may sell in the short term like witnessed in the past but quality writing will endure longest.

  • Strive for quantity – While many young writers rubbish quantity, I insist on balancing between quality and quantity. The more content you have, the easier you could be noticed.

  • Utilize keywords – It is important for young writers to look out for what people want to read online. Some things are better said in textbooks and that is why despite quality, views may still remain at their lowest!

  • Linking – Do you include links in your articles? Unfortunately, links from websites with a lower page rank do a great disservice to an otherwise good article. Try relevant links from sites with equal or higher page rank.

  • Pictures – Do not ignore the value of pictures when you write articles. Why? Some people visit the web just to marvel at pictures, others spend more time looking at pictures making the page appear important to search engines!

  • Embed videos – Do you know that youtube videos can help boost your page rank and therefore drive more traffic to your articles? Try to find relevant videos for your articles and you will see an improvement. Do not overuse this feature, it slows down page loading!

  • Use social networks – The web is awash with social networks. In the beginning was Facebook, and then came twitter and the others. Sharing your work increases the views and with views come higher ranking!

  • Ping – Have you ever heard of pingomatic.com and the like? While I haven’t proven how pinging works, online gurus reveal that it speeds up search engine indexing. Why not give it a try?

  • Refresh – Fixing, updating or refreshing your writing as you stumble upon new information makes your articles appear more relevant. Search engines value new information over outdated content but older links, like older wives are more precious!

  • Use the summary box – I almost forgot this important tip. Don’t waste the space allocated for the summary by putting nothing interesting. That together with the title are very important for they are what both readers and search engines see first.

  • Read more: http://writinghood.com/online-writing/writing-top-10-seo-tactics-that-will-bring-you-thousands-of-article-views/#ixzz1OatXqT5q

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