Monday, June 6, 2011

Do You Know How to Stop Rafael Nidal? | Sportales

At the start of the 2011 French Open finals, I was hoping to see Roger Federer raise the trophy this time. And the start that Ferderer made in the 1st set, everything was looking bright and sunny for the Swiss. But when the score card read 5- 2 in favor of Federer, things started to change.and in the end the 1st set went 7- 5 in favor of Nadal. Nadal ended up taking the 1st two sets. Federer made brief come back by clinching the third set. But then Nadal finished off the match by breezing through the fourth set. He is the undisputed King of Clay.
How can one stop Nadal? When he came on to the scene, experts commented that with his kind of play, he will not last more than two years. Since making his debut in 2003, Nadal has appeared in twelve Grand Slam finals and won ten of them. He has made the Career grand slam of winning all the four Grand Slams, when he won the US Open in 2010. He owns the French Open. On clay he makes even the great Roger Federer look miserable. As a matter of fact Nadal make s Federer look miserable every single time they meet. The point has to be noted that Federer is an excellent player in the clay too. It is just that, he has not been able to jump the hurdle of Nadal. And Nadal has done this all by the age of 25.e And the way he is playing I do not think he is going to burn out any time soon. “HIS FLAME IS ON FIRE”…!!!!!

I believe, the only way to stop Nadal is if some more relentless than him bursts on the stage….!!! Some one or the other comes and plays an unbelievable match to upset Nadal here and there. But then these people cannot do it day in and day out. Nadal for sure has stretched the limits of professional tennis by a long way….!!!!
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