Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why today is important for me?

15th June was the day which brought so many news of happiness for us because on same day your eldest brother Sattar got call letter for his job. Your elder sister Rukhtaj completed her Quran reading on the same day evening and the biggest news was your elder brother opened his eyes after 2 days of unconsciousness. My mom describe the importance of today in these words always before saying, “Happy Birthday to Me”

For my Mom, “I brought hope and happiness for my family” and she conclude on, “Now it’s your mission to give hope and happiness to those who need it most.

I wish I can fulfill dream of my Parents who see me as a symbol of “Hope and happiness” I think I was the luckiest one in my family because the way they all loved me till today I can not forget. The way my father looked towards me with his shining and smiling eyes in which I clearly read only one sentence, “Make me Proud by spreading hope and happiness for the whole human kind. How can I forget importance of those full of hope eyes in my life? I miss him so much..

Being a human I also have ups and down but the mission which was given to me from the day one, “I am trying my hard to fulfill all requirements of spreading hope and happiness to all those people who are around me and who are even don’t know me but my words can reach to them through my writings.

Wish you all very happy life and hope for the good of your future as well.

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