Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eight Signs and Symptoms That Tell You: "Go See Your Doctor" | Healthmad

Do you feel that there is something wrong in your body? Or do your family or relatives have some history of deadly disease or sickness. Then consider some of this tips. This will provide you some advise on when to see your doctor.

When to see your doctor? You have to monitor some of these signs and symptoms to keep yourself at bay from potential worse health problem or disease. Some of these may be subtle in form but you must remember not to take them for granted because it might cause you a lot bigger predicament, speaking of hospital bills plus medications.

These are eight summarized tips that suggest you when to see your doctor:

1. You have heart trouble or a heart murmur, or you have had a heart attack.

2. You frequently have pain or pressure in the left or mid-chest area or the left neck, shoulder or arm that occurs as you exercise but goes when you rest.

3. You get breathless during only mild exertion.

4. Your blood pressure is high and/or isn’t under control, or you don’t know whether your blood pressure is normal.

5. You have bone or joint problems like arthritis.

6. You are over the age of 60 and not used to vigorous exercise.

7. Your father, mother, brother, or sister had a heart attack before age 50.

8. Your clan, family and/or relatives have a history of diabetes or any forms of cancer.

If you experience or possess some of the things mentioned here, then it only suggests that you better go see your doctor, as soon as possible. Always remember, “Prevention is better than cure”. You might regret the time you did not go see your doctor.

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