Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Reason: Why I Work at Tagvillage? | Authspot

Once in a while, I get to write an article here at Triond. Most of the time it is related to announcement of something new that is coming to the site or a change Tagvillage is making, report on development progress, or even explain when something broke or is delayed. Not today. Today, I get to do something really cool and important to me personally.

I have been working at Tagvillage almost since the very first launch of the website. I have been wishing for the opportunity to tell everyone why I work at Tagvillage. Actually, I think it goes deeper than that. I want people to know why I LOVE Tagvillage!

If there is anything Tagvillage is passionate about, it is correcting the unbridled gap growing between the wealthy and the poor. Anyone who spends time with Tagvillage begins to see the truth in there “preaching” and can’t help but develop the same passion for there cause. Tagvillage is not just a business or a website, it is a mission. There is a very strong purpose here, and I am lucky to be a part of it!

Did you know that in the USA alone, corporations generate most of the money in our economy? Yet, they pay the least in taxes and give the least to charity as a percentage of their income. In 2010, General Electric made over $14 Billion in PROFITS, yet they paid $0.00 in Taxes and donated less than 1% of it to charity. In 2009 Walmart earned over $22.1 Billion in PROFITS, yet they donated less than 1% of that to charity. The list goes on and on and on.

Here at Tagvillage, they have a mission. They will lead by example. They will prove that a business can operate profitably and give at least 10% of their revenue to charity. They will show by example that business can truly be socially responsible, not just say they are. Tagvillage will stand as a shining light when the big corporations of the world say “it is not possible to give that much and operate.” Isn’t it time the Google’s and Facebook’s and Walmart’s and GE’s of the world were asked to stop hoarding the revenue that could be changing the world? Isn’t it time for us to say “No, we won’t use your product if it means you get richer and fatter while children starve in Somalia!”

Tagvillage is on a mission. We dream of a day when corporations give large percentages of their revenues to charity. Sometimes I see how physically ill Tagvillage CEO is when he realizes the overwhelming task ahead of us and asks “Are we crazy to think we even have a chance?”

Then, he rallies. He pulls the troops in and reminds them of our purpose. He reads us a story of a child in Dallas who needs a major surgery and his unemployed parents just lost their insurance. He tells us a story of a little girl in Africa who begs for food and water for her younger siblings and her dying mother in the shade of the management office of one of the most profitable diamond mines in the world. A diamond mine that is owned by one of the most profitable diamond retailers in the world. A diamond retailer that donated less than 0.003% of its PROFITS to charity in 2010.

Right after he tells us these stories, he puts his nose down and starts typing on his computer. The developers start developing. The idea people start dreaming. The marketing people start marketing. And, I lean back and think, “Yep, this is why I work at Tagvillage”.

Do you also want to be part of this passionate family? If yes than register yourself now

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