Thursday, June 2, 2011

Africans Would Gladly Eat The Deadly E. Coli Strain | Healthmad

Today I am going to share a voice from Africa with all of my friends by hoping and wish you can feel the pain behind his thoughts. Take a look:

The death of a paltry 16 people is causing panic in Europe when nothing has been done to combat climate change which is partially responsible for the multi-drug resistant strains of E. coli that have hit Europe. Millions of poor Africans die every year because of droughts and floods generated by global warming towards which the west is doing very little. Shouldn’t they give us the contaminated salads?

Close to 20 people have died in Europe from eating contaminated salads
Now, this one is serious. More than a dozen people have died in Europe for eating salads contaminated with a deadly E coli strain that the world health organization thinks is a new one on the health scene. While chances remain high that this will spread beyond Europe’s borders, we in Africa would gladly eat the contaminated salads.

Our dying people would gladly eat the E. coli for breakfast, lunch and dinner
I strongly believe we wouldn’t mind the Escherichia coli but would use it as dinner if offered. Why is this the case? It’s because what is killing us is lack of food, and believe me when I say the situation is desperate in some cases. Global warming orchestrated by the North is killing our people. Drought has caused one of the worst cases of famine ever recorded in history and sometimes when it rains, the floods generated are so shameless as to kill the same people.
Hundreds of thousands of poor Africans die every year from hunger!
What saddens us is the noise made about only 16 people dying when hundreds of thousands of lives are at stake in poor parts of Africa. The west would rather spend billions of dollars invading African and Middle East countries rather than combating global warming and the climate change that results. When our leaders beg for a few million dollars to fight the effect of climate change in conferences held where effects have never been felt, decisions take ages to be made.

We blame each other for climate change and fail to do anything

The US and Europe on one side, and China on the other, would rather blame each other for greenhouse emissions than act to stem the current crisis in poor nations. We want that salad for our children, contaminated or not, E coli or no E coli. We would gladly eat it if offered and the death of a few of us would not bother us. Like most people say when they imbibe aflatoxin contaminated maize, it is better to die on a full stomach than watch as your children or parents die of hunger.

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