Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ghost in Real Life or Gift in real Life?

I was reading an article online and I found very interesting definition of word, “GIRL”. Which I shared with my colleagues and we started a discussion on it. During this long discussion which was turned into debate we made two more definitions of word GIRL.

I wanted to share conclusion of this debate or discussion with all of you. First let me show you how this definition was made.

Ghost in Real Life

1. Ghost in Real Life:            This was the definition which I find in article which I was reading and author gave this definition by presenting his so long argument. Like, Girl is the worst enemy of a Girl and because of their evilness we boys suffer all the time. Mostly we hate one girl because we like other girl. Some times we love one of them but we can not marry her because of our mother (She is also a Girl). They always look for cloths, perfumes, gifts and makeup kits but they don’t like the word I am out of cash. They want us to keep lying about their beauty and figures. The worst part is they always ready to fight, shout and crying etc.

2. Gun in Real Life:   Second option came out from one of my colleague who looks girls as they are hot or not. His sayings were he loves those girls who are like a Gun who is ready to fire bullets to everyone who come across their way. Those kinds of girls want to be look smart, ready to laugh on any joke, modesty can be seen in their wearing, always try to look sexy, they want people admire their looks and called them HOT babe. They also want boys run around them like a servant and fulfill their every wish. They want to be party girl and want every eye on them.

3. Gift in Real Life:    I and three other colleagues of mine was admirer of this Gift in Real Life. God who gave this gift to us we must thank him for his kindness because without this gift who know the real essence of relations, admirer of your wishes, can easily adjust with your dreams. She knows how to create happy family and how to keep them together. Without her there will be no colors in our life, there will be no beauty in this world, without them no one ever can fall in love and last but not least there will be none of us will be born.

Don’t you think it’s really very hard to find this third definition oriented girl?  For me it’s not that much difficult to find her we have to open our eyes and look around us. She will be around you but you have to recognize her. Good luck

Now I want your point of view about these three above mentioned definitions. Which one you got and which one is around you. Will you share your experience with us?

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