Tuesday, June 14, 2011

5 easy SEO Tips: Bring your website at top in search engine results

Today I am going to talk about 5 amazing SEO tips which can bring you website at top in all search engines.

Title Tag:        The first step I am going to tell you is looking to your title tag and with your title tag you must make sure you is not using default of index, home or about us. You make sure you are changing your title text to reflect what your pages about. This will help to search engines to understand what the pages about and help be able to put it out there in the search engines for what it’s relevant for, so if your pages are about your product or services talk about that in your title tag. If your page are about any information put that information in your tag. This will help the search engines to understand what’s going on in your page, it will be little more relevant for the term what you are trying to optimize for.

Good Description:      The next tip everyone want to look at is running a really good description for your website. The description is what appears underneath the title tag when it in seen in search engines so this helps a user take a look at what going on in the page not just from the title tag but from the text actually you are putting on out there so they can decide whether they click in or out. The description does not have any kind of weight with the search engines than there ergative but it does help the users who are using search engine to gage whether they want to click on what they are seeing in the searches or not.

Link Name Relevance:         The next tip they want to take a look at is your link on your page and the links how you are naming them in your navigation and in the content of you page. These links in a way you name them help to give relevancy to the pages you are linking too. So you just want to make sure that you are not putting in click here or more information for your links you want to make sure that you are putting relevant text with your anchor text for your links within your navigation or within the content of your page

Image Use:     The fourth tip I want you to look at is using images in your page. Images are really important they help kind a breakup content and they also appearing image search as well as in contextual search at the top or at the bottom including in Google and yahoo. Making sure that your images are made properly and making sure that you are using all text relevant to your images which will help for relevant searched.

Header Tag:   The last tip for today is using header tags make sure that you aren’t just using bold or underline make sure you are using h1, h2 and h3 and make sure putting keywords within the header tags it will help the search engines understand again what your pages are about it gives more relevancy.

So those are the five tips for easy site optimization to get your site on top of search engines searches. Good luck.

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