Sunday, June 26, 2011

10 Things That Could Make You Fat | Healthmad

There are things you never suspect when it comes to building body fat but the fact remains that they do contribute and could actually be making you fat behind your back. Coffee, nagging spouses, television, tap water, allergies and lack of sleep are suspect fatteners.

Some reasons why that fat won’t go away just yet:
  1. Nagging spouse – Your spouse could be making you fat without knowing. Nagging wives and husbands elevate stress and therefore make people to eat uncontrollably and put on weight. Sometimes food is the only consolation when a relationship isn’t working.
  2. Coffee – Studies reveal that excessive coffee intake can actually add to the calories taken and therefore make one fat. Coffee has been known to contribute upwards of 600 of daily calorie intake.
  3. Antihistamines – Antihistamines administered to patients with allergy and other inflammatory conditions boost their appetite and hence increase food intake hence making them fat.
  4. Television – Just how much television do you watch? Experts say there is every reason to believe television fattens. Television watching spends fewer calories but encourages overfeeding.
  5. Eating out – There is every indication that eating out exposes us to more junk than we would find in our own fridges. Instead of eating out often, finding ways of cooking light meals or carrying packed lunch should help.
  6. Tap water – Nutritionists warn that tap water can actually make you fat because of the high levels of fluorides prevent absorption of iodine which plays an important role in body metabolism. Taking mineral water instead should remedy this.
  7. Fasting – We tend to over feed in order to compensate lost calories when we fast or crash diet which may lead to faster weight gain than anticipated. Instead of fasting and resorting to heavy meals thereafter, eating small portions can help.
  8. Stress – Feeling low is in most cases accompanied by excessive food intake in what psychologists term redirection. Comfort eating is more common among stressed individuals than those who aren’t.
  9. Sleep – Lack of sleep slows down body metabolism and the feeling of tiredness that results tends to make people yearn for more food which adds to their calorie intake.
  10. Fruit juice – Fruits contain a good amount of sugars that can actually make you fat due to the extra calories they provide coupled with the belief that they are harmless.

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