Sunday, June 26, 2011

Remove the Government and Save the Country

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (Pakistan Justice Party) has started the movement of Civil disobedient in the leadership of Imran Khan Chairman of PTI. PTI have given the title to this movement, “Remove the Government and Save the Country”.

This movement has Started on 25th of June 2011 from Multan one of the historic city of Pakistan. Thousands of people gathered to participate in this mega event of Pakistan history.

During addressing this larg gathering on Multan Imran Khan said that President Zardari and Nawaz Sharif are fighting with each other in an effort to hide corruption. While speaking to the media he further explain when the Supreme Court takes action against Zardari than Nawaz Sharif and other political parties support the president in the name of protecting democary.

He said that the 18th amendment had given the power to the president to call for elections while the president himself is the chairman of a political party, which is why they would request the Supreme Court to ensure that elections are free and transparent.

Official Song of Movement:

We are trying hard to convince US about drone attacks which are working as petrol on fire that creating more extremist in Pakistan and also because of these drone attacks hate against US is increasing which already reach to 77% of our population. We trying to save Pakistan from more damage and during that period they are fighting for power.

So we decided, “Enough is enough” and “No more Drone Attacks and No more US puppets”. So come and join US to remove this corrupt and insufficient government who is not eligible to save Pakistan and Pakistanis. This movement is supported by the youth who is 53% of the population.

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