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Why Your Marriage Has Failed | Socyberty

With each passing year, more and more marriages are ending in divorce, with a staggering divorce rate. Perhaps you are a part of that rate or know someone who is. So why has your marriage failed? Ten reasons why marriages have failed.

At one time marriage was something that was considered to be a bit more serious and a lifetime commitment. In some ways, it still is with some people. In other ways, the actual marriage process only has one logical conclusion, that being divorce. According to, more than fifty percent of peoples first marriage is bound to end in divorce, with second marriage’s divorce rate being sixty seven percent, and the divorce rate for third marriages being seventy four percent. That is a pretty staggering divorce rate. There are many, many reasons why marriages are going to fail. There are many factors that turn a marriage into a union of love into what many people call the old ball and chain. So why has your marriage failed? Let’s count the reasons, they could potentially be one of these. And for those who might plan to get married, consider this of a list of considerations.

1) A failure to communicate. Communication is everything in life. It is more important in marriage. People are bound to keep secrets but you should be wise with what you keep secret. The more secrets that you keep, the worse it would be when it is found out. If you don’t communicate, your marriage is doomed to failure.
2) Not knowing whether you can live under the same roof. When people don’t see each other for a decent chunk of their day, then they are bound to be a bit more forgiving for flaws. When underneath the same roof however, it is rather less tolerable. “I never knew he/she was like this.” There is something to be said about living together for at least a year until marriage. If you can’t stand living under the same roof, then you just saved yourself a huge headache. If you can, well at least you’re sure and full steam ahead of the marriage plan.
3) Not being able to click in bed. Fully understanding that people will want to save themselves for the wedding night. However, that can come back to haunt you in the worst way possible. Or you could be lucky. Granted, there are going to be a lot of people who are going to try to claim that sex isn’t important. That’s just lip service. And this brings me into point 4.

4) The Wandering Eye. To some people, a relationship of any type is a new toy. They might be able to have interest with it for months or maybe a couple of years, but they might get bored with it. Therefore, there eye starts wandering to fresh meat. They are not going towards a commitment because they are easily bored and attracted to the next new thing that comes along. And being married will not matter to these people.

5) Big Spenders Mean Big Trouble and High Maintenance Means High Stress Anyone who is high maintenance or likes to spend a lot of money, they are going to not be prime marriage material. You really think that they like you. No, they only are using you as their own personal ATM machine. And marriage is just a way to keep your closer and if you divorce, they might think they get some money out of it.
6) Children and How Many- People are going to have highly differently opinions how to raise children or really when they want them or have any. There should be a nice long talk about everything have to do with children prior to the marriage, where the best possible ground is going to be for all. And if there is no common ground regarding children, then we might have a problem. And many marriages tend to
7) Pets and How Many- Some people like animals, some people don’t, some people only like certain types of animals. Make sure you’re on the page regarding this and who is going to take care of them. Yes there have been marriages that have ended in divorce and one of the reasons were “he/she was supposed to walk the dog.”
8) Interests. You’re not going to like everything that your partner is going to like. That much is for certain. However not having any interests in common, well to be honest, what possessed you to want to marry this person in the first place?

9) When the In-Laws become the Outlaws- There are times where your spouse’s parents are bound to not like you. Or you are bound to not like them. Not nearly to the extent that a lot of television shows make it out to be, but its still not common. Just remember this one point of why an uneasy relationship with the in-laws may doom your marriage to failure. With some people, blood is thicker than exchanged sex fluids.

10) Being Married Due to Society’s Obligations: Society in many ways is very much to blame for the divorces. There is a lot of pressure for people to marry by a certain age, women more so, so it is going to lead a lot of problem. Screw society’s standards, marry when you are ready or not at all. Everyone else you know might be getting married by the age you are, but you know what, if everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it?

Marriage is something that is becoming bound to be inevitable to divorce more and more, with the divorce rate crawling up with each passing year. There are many reasons why your marriage may have failed or potentially could fail in the future, some of them listed, but no doubt countless more.

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