Sunday, June 26, 2011

Unusual Trees of Pakistan | Scienceray

Take a look at the photos of these bizarre trees of Pakistan.

I was browsing for photos of unusual trees and I came across these pictures of the spider-web trees of Pakistan. It looks scary to me but to others, it’s fascinating!
This happened when Pakistan was severely flooded last year and it took a long time for the floodwater to subside. Millions of spiders climbed up into the trees for survival and blanketed the trees in thick layers of web.
According to the National Geographic Daily News, there was an unprecedented monsoon rain that is worth ten years of rainfall in Pakistan for one week beginning last July. This caused the country’s rivers to swell. The water was too slow to subside thus creating a huge pool of stagnant waters across the countryside.
People of Pakistan are making their ways to survive in this phenomenon and as we can see, millions of spiders have taken their own way too.
Research said that this phenomenon may have reduced the risk of Malaria in the country since the mosquitoes are getting caught in the web.

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