Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What is the best age to get married? - Debate of the day

Is there a particular age at which you'd expect a lady or a man to be married? At what age should you start thinking about marriage? And at what age should you start panicking if you've not yet found the right man? If you say age doesn't matter, what are the things that matter and can they be measured? 

The right age for marriage, I would say, is immediately after mental maturity, which is around the age of 18 for the male and around 16 for the female. Well there is a condition which is the ability to be able to take care of the wife and family financially and morally, but then again we shouldn't forget the issue of education which might arise and conflict with the family needs in the aspect of being there and all that. 

However, I personally think the most important things to achieve before marriage are economic independence and a clear sense of where you are going in life.

I think 24 for a man and 22 for a lady is the best suitable time why?. 

In my country family system is very strong so I see around me so many colleagues and friends of mine who married in the age of 30 or after that but now they all are advising me to not go that far. Some of my colleagues who got married around 22 to 24 they feel much secured than the above one because now when they are 45 and above there are big difference between them in term of their children's. 

30 and above fellow's kids are just 9 to 13 years old and they are in the process of growth but the opponents who married in the age of 24 their kids are now near to enter in the arena of starting their jobs or business means they are entering in the practical life. This means they are ready to support their family financially and also they have much higher chances of success because with the passage of time competition of jobs is more difficult task. 

So with the strong family system values of our society is in favor of those who have more manpower strength which bring more financial freedom for the family. 

Who got married in the age of 24 they also have much more comfort to live their life as per there dreams and they are free to think for themselves too because they have less responsibilities on their shoulder in the age of 45 which is the age of planning after retirement. So they can plan for life after retirement with more positive and energetic way which means they will live for a longer time happily after. 

:D cheers 

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