Monday, April 11, 2011

Do you love Spring which brings flower and fragrance in the air?

Mylot is one of the best discussion Community Which I love most and spent my maximum time on it chatting with my friends and colleagues. I always got very interesting and useful comments from lots of friends and community members. This is spring time so I thought I ask a question regarding spring to mylot community and get some good and interesting comments fro them. So I created an topic in which I asked an question, " Do You Love Spring which brings flower and fragrance in the Air?". I got lots of cute, interesting and informative answers which I want to share with you and also I want you to choose best answer in them.

suny51 ranked 442 out of 963 in nature
Hi Isloo Bhai- You have raised such a nice discussion, no one would dare say s/he does not like this season. When there is green all around, new leaves come out from nowhere and make every thing look so beautiful, snow stops falling but seldom. When birds come out of their hidings and people who live in cold chilly areas begin to breath a little better.happy
For me, I used to go to some hill stations in this season as this was one of the best time to see snow and flowers together. Lots of fun. I enjoyed this to the full. I remember those times when we did have lots of fun in Gulmarg and Khilanmarg in Kashmir.cheering

isloooboy (331) 
Yes this topic is very warm and full of feelings but you gave it real worth by describing the beauty of spring. In my city Islamabad we can smell the fragrance of different flowers in the air without any nose problem and I must admit its feel me like we are getting air from heaven which make me fascinated. 

jillhill  ranked 85 out of 963 in nature
I do love spring and the flowers it brings on...the snow is gone and the temperatures are warmer...heading right into summer! And the fresh smell of the rain and the wonderful perfume of the flowers! Yummy!

Totally, who doesn't love spring? I love it, is the perfect season with the perfect weather and the perfect moments. With my mom, we have a whole ritual when the spring is close, planting trees, flowers, fruits, vegetables, I love those moments and I love spring.

isloooboy (331) 
Hmmm you welcome spring with real spirit which means plant new trees, flowers, vegetable etc which is the need of today all over the globe. Because we are cutting our Forest which are full of natural resources so we must plant trees as our global mission.

Yep I love spring. It's spring here now and the weather is so warm and nice. Actually I have been waiting for a warm season for a long time now. We had a really nasty winter this year and a lot of snowfall too.
Anyway Spring is here and now slowly we'll be having Cherry Blossom like everywhere. I love it. They look so nice and smell nice too. It looks like cottons on trees. Just so perfectly beautiful thumbup

notlistening2 ranked 195 out of 963 in nature  
Yes I love spring, when I see all the tress turn green,and all of the flower bloom, it looks so nice, when you see all of these pretty colors, every where I love to look at nature and how all the plants just grow.thumbupthumbupthumbup

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