Sunday, April 17, 2011

Say No to US Drone Attacks in Pakistan with Imran Khan on 23 April

Say No to Drone Attacks on Pakistan with Imran Khan from US Millatry and Nato Forces which are sitting in Kabul Afghanistan on 23 April 2011 on this coming Saturday. Show your hate against US Force criminals who are killing our innocent Pakistani Brother and sister with drone attack. 

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf which is the Party of Imran Khan one of the most dominating Cricketer of all time whom we love as our Hero who bring Cricket World Cup in 1992 for Pakistan. Imran Khan also build one of the biggest and best Cancer Hospital in our region South Asia. Now he is leading us towards our freedom from US and his allies. He is leading us to get our basic human rights from these occupied forces. We must show our love and sorrow with the victim families of drone attacks. We must show solidarity to our pukhtoon brothers and sisters.

Also say no to our recent rulers who are part of this criminal act against Pakistani innocent civilians. Now we are in do and die situation so lets do it together for the sake of our be loving country Pakistan regardless of which political party you own or member. This cause is for Pakistan and our rights as citizen of Pakistan which violated by these criminal Forces. Pick Pakistan's National Flag and lets do it together.

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