Monday, April 11, 2011

Fragrance of Spring in The Air's of Islamabad

My Street full of Flowers
Since I know I loved flowers to love, fascinates me, delight me, make me an inexplicable feeling good, having fun. If every day I'd be surrounded only by flowers, I must admit that I am the happiest man in the world, I would not need anything and anyone and more so to me that I disturb the well-one gives them. Besides the fact that I particularly like my roses, I can not think of those flowers that open at nightfall and that often come with competing luxury perfumes. As queen of the night talking or even a flower is the month and the same flower, fully deserves its name, many flowers are star-shaped white, pink, purple or cream, the white flowers are most fragrant of all. If we speak and also other flowers in a way I like it very light and love lilies which are very sensitive. The white ipomoea, a species of morning glory with white blooms only at nightfall and remain open only until the first rays of the sun. 

I just felt the need to talk about flowers is that they matter the situation, give people a way of life smiling. A flower given to him with love, do much in the heart of a man no matter how simple life would be such a gesture. 

Loving flowers, we love more than ourselves ...

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