Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Imran announces litigation at international courts against drone attacks

Chairman, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, Imran Khan, has announced to adopt a two-way strategy; public pressure within the country, and litigation at international courts of law, to end drone attacks in Pakistan that kill innocent civilians.

Our rulers have sold national sovereignty for the sake of American dollars; he alleged urging the people that it’s high time they take to the streets against this state-sponsored terrorism as the time to act has come. The consensus has been developed against drone attacks since the Raymond Davis issue, he added while addressing a joint press conference at Islamabad Press Club today along with Clive Smith of Reprieve, a charity that provides free legal aid to families of victims of drone attacks in collaboration with Justice Project of Pakistan, headed by renowned lawyer Mirza Shehzad Akbar.

Imran Khan said 90% of the people targeted in drone attacks are innocent civilians, quoting a local Malik from North Waziristan, Gulabat Khan; he said 18 out of every 20 victims of drone attacks are innocent. The bodies of the victims are usually beyond recognition and somehow the victims become suspects after they are dead. The alleged terrorists are innocent until proven guilty. He criticized the government for fixing the match of drone attacks with the US administration and failing to protect the life and property of Pakistani citizens. “Democracy is the best revenge, is a joke to the nation”, he added. He also invited all political parties to his proposed sit-in at Peshawar on 23rd and 24th April against drone attacks saying it’s a national cause and it’s our duty to rise up against naked foreign aggression and our government’s failure to prevent them.

Mr. Khan thanked Mr. Clive Smith of Reprieve and his team for trying to help the victim’s families. Speaking on the occasion, Clive Smith of Reprieve, said that they are meeting affected people and helping them with litigation in the US, UK, Pakistan, and International Courts. Gulabat Khan also spoke briefly saying the continuation of Musharraf policy is disastrous for the tribal people who have always made sacrifices of lives for the defense of Pakistan and liberation of Kashmir. Mr. Shehzad Akbar who recently filed a case against CIA Station Chief, Jonathan Banks on the charges of war crimes, was also present on the occasion, said the US, NATO and Allies can be charged for war crimes in international courts and that political will is needed to expose the War on Terror which has actually become the War of Terror. Haroon Shah (uncle of a detainee in Bagram) was also present on the occasion.

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