Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shoaib Not The First Cricketer To Marry Indian Maiden

If you’re thinking that Shoaib Malik is the only Pakistani skipper stumped by an Indian maiden, then you’re in for a surprise. Years ago, cricket legends Zaheer Abbas and Mohsin Hassan Khan set the trend for across the border marriages. Zaheer got married to a Kanpuri lady Rita alias Samina. Just like Shoaib, Zaheer also hailed from Sialkot. Now happily married since 30 years, Zaheer and Samina live in Karachi where the latter runs an interior designing business. When this scribe asked Zaheer about his Indian wife, he replied fondly, “I don’t recall Samina facing any problems adjusting to the lifestyle here. When she came here, this place was totally new to her but she settled down and has been with me through all the ups and downs in my life.” 
“Similarly, I feel that Sania will not face any such hurdles in Pakistan, considering the fact that she is also a Muslim. Plus, I think Indian culture is not very different from ours. I would just like to wish the young newly weds-to-be all the very best for their future together.” He blessed the couple, saying he did not wish to answer any controversial questions.

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