Sunday, July 10, 2011

We will bring new Social System Imran Khan Promises

Imran Khan Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Saturday announced a 100-day social plan which his party would install if elected to take the country out of the economic crunch situation and will give better social system.

Imran Khan was addressing a press conference here on Saturday and announced salient feature of 100-day plan prepared by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s experts. “Unlike other political parties that rely on empty rhetoric, my party has prepared a 100 day plan of action with specific steps backed by a detailed cost and revenue plan within a timeframe. The plan would be formally launched in coming days of future,” he said.

The PTI chairman announced that on coming to power, the PTI would withdraw from the ‘war on terror’ and declare war against corruption. He said that PTI counter terror strategy would focus on political approaches with force being the last and least preferred option.

“We would declare an end to all military operations and the withdrawal of troops from FATA with the Frontier Corps taking over the responsibility of law and order. While a Grand Peace and Reconciliation Jirga would be constituted to bring harmony through reconciliation,” Khan said while sharing salient feature of his plan. 
DE-POLITICISATION OF POLICE: Meanwhile, Imran Khan said until and unless depoliticization of police was not ensured and the political parties stopped patronising the criminal elements restoration of law and order in Karachi was not possible.

Answering various questions at the weekly programme Berwaqt, hosted by Pakistan Today Editor Arif Nizami on a private TV channel, Imran said the formation of grand alliance by Nawaz Sharif was opportunistic politics aimed at repairing the damaged public image, adding that the Nawaz League failed to deliver good governance in Punjab. Imran said the parties, who were part of the APDM, would never trust Nawaz again as it hoodwinked them on numerous occasions, like on the issue of boycotting the 2008 general elections and the movement for restoration of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.

When asked about the common perception that he (Imran) can enter the power corridors through presidential polls but the PTI was not in a position to win the parliamentary elections due non-availability of potential candidates, he said the opinion was baseless and his party was facing the problem of how to finalize the names of next elections as the number of aspirants for the party ticket was growing with each passing day. In answer to a question about the future course of action, he said the PTI would align with all those political forces, desiring to alter the status quo.

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