Monday, July 4, 2011

How to get approved your Google Adsense Account?

Everyday I hear from people, “How to get Google adsense account?” because they are trying everything to get adsense account but the fail. They always search for the answer and try to get some kind of hint or tip regarding, “how to succeed to get Google adsense account?” I am not an expert but I think the way I told my friend to get one adsense account for him it was worked and he got his ad sense account in just one month. 

  1. First create entirely new gmail account and after that apply for a blogger account with this new gmail account. 
  2. Second, choose a title for your blog which do not restrict you for a single topic or 2 or 3 topics it should be give free hand to you to do whatever you want to do in your new blog without restricting yourself for low range topics. Because what we need in our blog a huge quantity of good and hot contents so Search engines recognize it as soon as it possible.
  3. Thirdly, try to post 5 postings on daily basis with the help of Google hot trends and Google keyword tool. It will take your maximum 2 hours but this is the best SEO tip which is already recognized by best and specialist Search engine optimizers. In these postings you have to write your own story, thoughts and observation regarding those hot trends using the hot keywords which you have picked from Google keyword tool.  Although it will work for you when you get your adsense account but for better understanding I am going to explain it here. For getting more clicks on your ads you have to write down maximum 6 or 8 lines and they are enough. Do not try to give full or lengthy details but provide only the basic story theme in your own words rest leave on the user. They will definitely look for more details and you know how Google ads work? They post ads based on your content which means, “Rest details will be find in those Google ads” so there are more chances of getting clicks on ads from user who is looking for more details about the story on your page. Keep it in your mind and from the beginning you must develop your mind set along with the basic aim to getting Google adsense account, “how to earn from Google adsense?”
  4. Fourthly, Do it continually for 2 months on regular basis without keeping in mind that, "you are doing all this to get Google adsense" but try to develop a blog which have the ability to generate traffic. As I said above use Google hot trends and key tool for your postings so its natural you will get enough traffic in these 2 months. So traffic is not an issue for you right now if you use Google hot trends wisely. But try to mold yourself into a regular blogger who post 5 postings every day.
  5. Fifth, try to use some good quality pictures in your blog but always change their names according to what they have in it or what they are about before posting on your blog, why? Because a huge number of people search for pictures only and use these pictures name as good content to get more traffic. So don’t miss this handsome traffic source and use it wisely.
  6. Sixth, is apply for adsense through your blog, how? Just go to your Dashboard Find the Monetize button and apply for your adsense account through it. Do not apply from direct application, I repeat do not apply via direct application because when Google will pay visit to your blog before approving your application he will automatically give preference to your blog because of good content and healthy traffic which you are getting already.

I wish and hope if you follow my root step by step you will get your adsense account InshahAllah. Keep my one advice in your mind, "Do not rush or run behind money but try to post original content and believe on your hard work. In the starting you may earn nothing but don’t leave it and try to stay with your task.
One very important advice, “Do not try to get fake clicks” because it will block your account and you will loose you r hard work for nothing also do not use any free traffic site or incentive traffic site but always believe on your contents which must be yours and original.

I hope and wish this will work for you and others as well. 

Please share your experience regarding getting account of Google Adsense.

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