Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Buy anything in just $0.10 in Bazaar of Tagvillage which is ready to launch.

Today I got an email from Chief Executive Officer of Tagvillage in which he mentioned that they are going to launch test run of Bazaar for a limited testing on the next week. In this limited test run they will observe the system and will try to remove any bug they found during the test run before full launching date 4th of July 2011.

The amazing news is everyone whose account is activated before 15th July will be eligible to take part in it.

I know everyone of you will be thinking, “What is this bazaar and what will be the benefit for members for using this Bazaar?

Let me clarify this bazaar of Tagvillage for you.

Tagvillage has announced their “Top Secret Project” on May 12, 2011 in which they mentioned about the bazaar, what it will be and what members will get benefit from it. According to that announcement and further clarification which was issued on time to time they are going to sale every item on this planet in the price of just $0.10. What…………?

Yes you hear absolutely correct, every item which you want to buy for you for your home or for your friends now you can buy it in just $0.10.

How this will be happen?

As per their elaboration in the Top Secret Project, “They are going in to a joint venture with top leading companies of the world Sony, Apple, Ikea and Amazon”. Every one of you knows what these companies are selling right? And don’t forget, no matter how much a product sells for in the real world, it will never be more than $0.10 at Tagvillage. I have already started my shopping list: Vacation in Hawaii ($0.10), new iPad ($0.10), 60” LED TV ($0.10), and memory foam bed ($0.10). There is much more, but I don’t want to bore you with my shopping, I am sure you have your own to think about.

What are the criteria to get your dream product at Tagvillage in Just $0.10?

Every Member of Tagvillage who will join before 30th June 2011 and invest minimum $5 to activate their account will be eligible. If you wish to participate in the testing of the brand-new Bazaar, you MUST BE REGISTERED AND ACTIVE by June 30th!

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