Saturday, July 16, 2011

Should mothers whose children are growing up stay at home?

In the old days, maybe up to more than 20 - 25 years ago, mothers who have little kids, are expecting to stay at home. Dads would go to work to support his wife and children with his monthly salary. This traditional way really helped if they were from middle to upper class. They would not be struggling as dad would be able to buy needs pretty much comfortably.
Even till today in developed countries like US, many moms ended up having to stay at home (whether they want to or not) for the sake of taking care of children. In developing countries, moms would probably have babysitters and maids at a fraction of a cost (with food, room, and board without having to pay as much as those in US, Canada and other developed countries). 

Today, with lots of people struggling everywhere, mothers would wish they don't have children and they have to deal with many worries and troubles. If financial situation may not be an issue, there may be a reversal of role in some developed countries, where there is now a term called 'stay at home dad'. Dads would stay at home taking care of house and kids while moms are out there working. 

Going back to question: It depends on situations. Today's world depends on how husbands and wives agree to take different responsibilities. Not just moms, dads also have equal responsibility in taking care of kids as well. This is not like 50 years ago where women are considered 2nd class citizens. If a mom wants to stay at home, hopefully it would be a decision without regret or disappointment. Staying at home is not really demeaning as moms can get themselves useful in many ways nowadays.

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