Friday, August 7, 2009

Islamabad Nightlife

"The Bassment" was previously known as "Muddys". It is located in The Marriott Hotel, Islamabad. Girls n guys of higher upper class and elites could also be found here dancing n enjoying. On new year's eve however special arrangements are made by hotel and security is very strict. So you might be investigated by security personel before you enter the disco. You can also expect refusal to entry.For hotel residents, Rs.600 ( $11 appox) is entery fee per couple. For others its Rs. 1,000 ( $18 appox) per couple. On special events like New Year, higher rates could be expected.

Islamabad's nights are also beautiful like its days. Fountains with colorful lights give superb view. On special national and religious events all main buildings and markets are beautifully illuminated. And at that time the views are simply out of this world. You would really love to walk all night outside enjoying this beautiful city and its surroundings.

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