Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Review of Islamabad

Islamabad is modern and well organized city of Pakistan. Total Islamabad area is about 906 squire kilometers. Climate of Islamabad areas is very pleasant which appeals to the people of other cities of Pakistan and tourists from all over the world. Mountain areas of Islamabad are at north where the series of Margalla hills gives the tremendous view. Islamabad is divided in the sectors and each sector has their own shopping area and children park. There are many famous shopping areas in Islamabad like Jinnah Super, Aabpara, Melody, Peshawar More, Karachi Company and other. There are many parks in Islamabad and parks occupied a lot of area of Islamabad. The city of Islamabad is divided into eight basic areas or zones Administrative, diplomatic enclave, residential areas, educational area, industrial area, commercial areas, rural area and green areas. Each sector has its own shopping area and public park Residential areas of Islamabad where the employees of the Islamabad living. Blue area in Islamabad is famous as the commercial area where the offices of the national and multinational companies situated. Blue area, Super Market, Jinnah Super Market, Aabpara are the main commercial areas of Islamabad.

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