Friday, August 28, 2009

Food Streets Springing Up in Islamabad

Food streets have become a part of the social culture in metropolitan cities and provide middle class families opportunities to socialise. These new food bazaars offer a variety of traditional and continental dishes at one place at affordable prices besides providing a chance for formal and informal meetings. Going to a food street has become a social norm.

Hot Chappal Kabab from NWFP, mouth-watering Paye from Punjab, delicious Saji from Balochistan and the incomparable Aab Gosht from Kashmir are just some of the food items that are drawing scores of eaters to the Food Park in Islamabad. Offering scrumptious food from all over Pakistan in one single place is a sure recipe for success. Indeed, the constant rush at the Food Park is proof of this.

Cookery in Pakistan has always had a regional touch - each province offers a unique cuisine. Cultural difference, religious precepts, local traditions and even aesthetic preferences have contributed in the evolution of cuisine in different regions of the country…

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