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UK is operating a Spy Network of Pakistani Journalist in Pakistan

UK is operating a Spy Network of Pakistani Journalist in Pakistan

UK has given them the task of collecting information regarding Mosques and Madaris and the individuals who have soft corner for Militant ideology or, in other words, who believe in jihad. They have also hired an advertising company to fulfill their task. They are giving top priority to Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Potohar region.

After USA spy networks’ news in Pakistan, now another breaking news has came out about US junior partner Britain’s Spy Network in Pakistan. They are getting information regarding mosques and Madaris who have soft corner about Jihad. For this purpose they have given contract to a Pakistani advertising company to collect information about those Ulema (Cleric) who talk against West of Islamabad, Rawapindi and Potohar region.

Learned sources are further saying that the British High Commission has decided to start a project mentioned above in April 2010 against Pakistan and for that they have hired PUBLICS advertising company by opening negotiations for it. They have completed their brain storming session till August 2010 and then immediately started initial work without further delay. Its was decided in the beginning that they would hire those people only who were already in the journalism felid and would work as part timers for this project, so name of the advertising company can not be disclosed in the process.

Sources claim that the In charge of this project Mr. Zeeshan Saddique, Chief Editor and Mr. Khizer, General Manger of PUBLICIS have visited Azad Kashmir for this purpose and they face some difficulties. In different press clubs, they were ascribed to MI-6. In January 2011 these selected people started working on February 14, 2011 the regular work was started by warding contract to the staff.

Sources further claim, they told to the People who were hired that they have to collect local news from their own area and we will pay you decent amount for that but they have to use the name of their own News paper or agency. In the beginning there was another plan to register a brand new as “News East” and start this project under new name. For that they have set so many meetings with concern authorities but this was rejected from British High Commission by saying this is not a safe way.

Interesting part of this project is the people who are working for them are called with code name of “Diver and Assistant Diver”. They also have been bound to not disclose any information about their office, phone and fax numbers to anyone on any price.

First assignment they have given to these “Divers and Assistant Divers” was to collect information about the Militants and their places in Azad Kashmir. One of the Azad Kashmir Diver who is working in “Daily Ummat” newspaper told to the PUBLICIS that he has found one militants place and during collecting information he was captured by them and after an thoroughly investigation he was released. When they tried to confirm this report from the local newspapers Daily Umat they found, Diver was trying to exploit.

After observing and contacting these Journalists who are working in this project which have been given name of “Deep Divers” one common task was conceived which is they all are collecting information regarding Mosques, Madaris and about those Ulema’s who speak against west and have soft heart about jihad. All information collected by those Divers and assistant divers they report to their local hidden offices in the shape of local news and after that these all information goes to their head office which is located at House No.38, Street No.35, Sector F-6/1, Islamabad. This head office  sent all informations to the British High Commission after refining and these all information is based on requirement of British High Commissions who have given this task to local advertising company PUBLICIS. This information’s never used for journalism purpose.

Sources claimed, this whole process of dealing in this project is going on through Shifa Khan. This assignment has been given name of “Her majesty government initiative” and from PUBLICIS. Khizer Imran Tajmul is working as Project Director in this project. From British High Commissioner Etine is tacking care of the operations. Sources said before Mr. Etine there was a lady named Izabella who is British High Commission official was tackling with the project. She is still working in the British High Commission but she is not attaching with this project anymore. Sources further describe about Izabella that, she came to Pakistan in 2010 to replace Jacob who was working for MI-6 in Pakistan. According to sources, Jacob was patronizing many NGOs in Islamabad, Multan and Lahore and he also got established some new NGOs who used to provide information in the name of research. The briefing of very heavy delegations of Uleman (Scholars) of Pakistani Deobandi and Brailvi sects also goes to his credit. A source has revealed in respect of this project that at the end of the month of July, a lot of changes have been made in the project which are being objected by many members of the staff. One of the beigest of these changes is that a driver was told to disclose the identity of the individuals opposing the western culture and western countries and also have a look on the mosques. Secondly, to reveal the negative character of mosques and seminaries and write article based on the guidelines of the British High Commission and their publication in the local media was entrusted to them. Another project covering the electronic media has also been launched under which some anchor person have been hired including one who is famous for his work in Palestine. They are also being to sent to England for further briefings and training. Under the Deep Diver project, the analysts of the electronic media are being targeted. They are also being approached to adopt the decided points and view point of the British High Commission and are being purchased with handsome amounts of money. Furthermore, analysts are being recruited to present their masters’ voice in the programmes of the hired anchor persons. According to some sources, an FM radio namely Rose 90 established in AJK is also transmitting the programmes of this project. Almost 32 NGOs are also working under the British High Commission in AJK and promoting the cultural guidelines of the British Highly Commission in the society. According to the sources, AJK, Islamabad, Rawalpindi including the whole Potohar Region is being targeted as a first priority by the Deep Divers of the British Government. Their offices have also been established in Lahore and Karachi. In Lahore, their office has been established in the neighborhood facing the KFC building on MM Alam Road in the vicinity of the residences being used by Black Water people  where a famous journalist is serving them. This project of  PUBLICS, which PUBLICS do not own on the record , the Chief Editor of which, Mr. Zeeshan Siddique,  was contacted by Ummat and asked, “The project you are heading, what is it and what is it doing”? Mr. Zeeshan Siddique retorted that who had told them about this and what was his name. He was replied that he himself was a journalist and know that the source of information could not be disclosed. He was asked to simply tell that what were they doing. On this, he told that he was out of station at that time and would himself speak on the phone and disconnected the call. Regarding the surveillance of the mosques, the representative of the prayer leaders of the Islamabad and spokes person of the Federation of Seminaris Maulana Abdul Qaddus, while talking to Ummat, said that this act of the British High Commission is very provoking, leading to misunderstandings and creating distances. In the religious circles of Pakistan, the hatred shown against America and France on their anti Muslim character is absent for Britain but theses activities of the British Government are hurting its image and they are compelled to think that the Britain also involved in anti Muslim activities like America and France.  

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