Saturday, August 27, 2011

British Women’s Care Their Pets More Than Their Husband

I read this survey which was taken in London, UK in which more than 2000 women’s participated and the result was unbelievable and some say’s it was shocking trend for them.

Today when I was reading news I found this very interesting news regarding British women’s in which was mention that, British women loves and care their pets more than their husband. This was a result of an survey which was amazing for some people and for some of this was shocking news.
As per one survey which was held in Britain in which more than 2000 women’s were involved who have pets in their home and especially Dogs.
As per this survey they talk with their pets more politely than their husbands, they often take time out from jobs for their pets but they don’t have time for their husbands, they love to go out with their pets instead of their husbands. 

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