Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today on August 13, 2011 when after 1 day we are going to celebrate our 64th Independence Day, I am thinking, “How can I get my Pakistan back?”

Now Question is, from whom, “I want my Pakistan back?

Since September 11 2001 the day when USA faced a severe attack on its soil, “We Lost our Pakistan” to the “War against Terror”.

Now the question arises, “How and why we lost our Pakistan in this war?”

After 9/11, Government of United State announced Osama bin Laden the Culprit # 1 and he lived in Afghanistan although they never gave any solid proof till today regarding involvement of Osama bin Laden but evidence shows the opposite story. USA decided to attack Afghanistan and for facilitation in this war they desperately needed help of Pakistan who is the neighbor of Afghanistan.

Do you know, “How they requested for assistance regarding this war?”

Government of United State directly gave threat to Pakistan, “Are you with us or not? If you disagree we will attack you before attacking Afghanistan and will send you into the Stone Age. So Pakistan decided to be part of this alliance instead of standing alone on the side of opposition.

Long story in short, US and its allies started war against Afghanistan government which was “Shora of Taliban” on that time who were hiding in the mountains of Tora Bora. US and its allies after wasting huge ammunition on fake targets which was set by Taliban they decided to carpet bomb the Tora Bora Mountains to get rid from them. Keep in mind, “Pakistan disagreed with this idea” because Pakistani Government believed that without surrounding them from the all sides, this bombardment would bring no results. Also there were more than 100% chances that they all would run towards Pakistan border and without sealing border it would be suicide for us. We don’t have capacity to guard this biggest border of Pakistan but we can try to control damage as much as we can but for if you have to give us time and we also request to you. But United State and its allies did not listen to our voice and that was the biggest mistake of this whole war which is to decide the actual outcome of the war. (I think the result of this war, which is US defeat, everyone knows now).

When United State and its allies started bombardment on Tora Bora Mountains, all Taliban and their friends entered Pakistan without any resistance although Pakistani forces tried to track them as much as they can but it was a useless effort. Later these Taliban started establishing their safe heavens in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan. What was the worst part for Pakistan when they started a campaign against government of Pakistan as well by spreading the word, “Because Pakistan had allied itself with occupation forces so it was reason that it was our enemy too? Since than they have started attacking in Pakistan with bomb blasts, suicide bombings also they started attacks on Army, Civilians and they also started target killings of key personalities.

Let me take a break here because I am thinking from the day one of this war, “Is there any Pakistani involvement was seen in 9/11?

I found the answer in negative because all 9/11 attackers were Arab Nationals and there were no single Pakistani was involved neither was found in any stage.

So why we have face huge financial and human loss in this war? Why our cities are victims of fear? Why world blame us on every incident happen on any place of the world. Why those so called Democracy lovers support Martial Law Dictators in Pakistan? Why they deal Army to Army?

Since US and NATO forces have started Drone attacks on Pakistani area we have witness increase in bomb blast and suicide bombing. Now our public places and shrines are also not safe after this strategy.

Hate against US is increasing because of these drones who found killer of innocent population more than culprits. Which got more flames from incidents like Raymond Davis and Abbotabad where US has bypass the local authority and violated the international Rules too.

Authorities say’s there is some evidence which shows US officials are involve in providing arms, money and logistics to the enemies of Pakistan that’s why they imposed restrictions on movement of US diplomats to prevent any big incident or any clash in the street of Pakistan.
There are also some rumors of breaking Pakistani law from US ambassador when he started meetings with Balochistan Nationalist who are working against Pakistani government which is very bad move from US which can harm their own cause more effectively.

I was thinking why US ruling elites are trying to get into deep trouble by spending more and more money which will never give any result to them? Why not they think about their own people’s betterment by providing some financial relief to them instead of throwing money into these conflicts and conspiracies? US people are suffering financially and they are spending more and more money on war affected areas not to prevent but to give some more flam to them.

I wish Mr. Obama realize problem of his own people and must focus on US internal affairs rather than putting more money into the pocket of war lords, drug dealers or arm dealers and get his forces out from Afghanistan as quick as he can so we can also get back our Pakistan.

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