Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shahdara - A Picnic Point

Previous Sunday we made an program to visit the Shahdara, Near Satra meal (17miles), Islamabad. I must say this is the Place you must visit and enjoy for a whole day.
There is no development yet in the shape of restaurants or any other facility regarding your Lunch. You must take food items with you.

We spent the whole day there swimming and hiking on the hills. The beauty of Shahdara I want to share with you all Please take a look to these pictures.


  1. Shahdara could undoubtely be termed as the most beautiful picnic point in Islamabad with all its natural beauty, lovely scenery, crystal clear water and fresh environment. It is a spot where you can have lots of fun filled activities such as hiking, swimming, fishing or just have a bath in the cold and crystal clear floating water.
    Its only 20-25 km away from the main city of Islamabad and the road towards it is quiet good and nicely carpeted only for some spots it has bumps and holes.
    I recommend it for the families to have a fun filled day there. Before i had a visit there, i have heard many rumors about it that there are bandits and armored thieves who will loot you on gun point. But all such tales were proved rumours and one not need to worry about such rumors.
    When i visited there i found not only a large no. of families enjoying around but also two to three different university groups were there to have their annual picnic. i feel that after visiting Shahdara, you no longer need to visit Neelum Point near Murree as it has got almost the same scenery and environment on a small scale.
    It was certainly the most exciting and wonderful day of my whole stay in islamabad which i spend there at Shahdara.