Thursday, March 25, 2010

Folk singers attract large crowd

An enthralling concert was organised on the premises of National Art Gallery in which singers belonging to all four provinces of Pakistan infused the spirit of patriotism among the audience.

The event was organised by the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA), in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, to mark Pakistan Day in which famous singers, including Shaukat Ali, Shahida Minni, Shafqat Ali Khan, Raga Boys, Mashooq Sultan, Mai Dhai, Saira Tahir, Bashir Baloch, Farzana Bahar and Bashir Lohar performed.

The 400-seat hall of the facility proved insufficient to accommodate the swarming crowd with many sitting on its stairs and floor, but still there were dozens who could not be accommodated in the jam-packed hall. The administration of NAG took an immediate step to control the sea of people and shifted dozens to the open-air theatre at the back of NAG. The singers performed alternately at both venues.

A famous song by Shaukat Ali ‘Jag Utha Hai Sara Watan’ sent a wave of enthusiasm among the audience, who thoroughly appreciated the song by continuously clapping and singing along with the performer. Besides that, his other songs included ‘Jugni’, ‘Mahiya’ and ‘Kyun Door Door Rahnday Ho’. The folk songs by Mai Dhai and Mashooq Sultan spellbound the audiences, as they danced on Pushto songs and famous songs of Thar.

All artistes performed live on stage, with musicians in the orchestra wonderfully playing instruments including the keyboard, ‘tabla’, ‘dholak’, ‘rubab’, drums and harmonium. The audiences also performed folk dances on various folk songs while the youngsters on the occasion performed ‘bhangra’ on national songs. On the occasion, the PNCA presented a special award to singer Mashooq Sultan from NWFP in recognition of her contribution to the promotion of folk songs.

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