Friday, March 26, 2010

Golden Jubilee Events - BUSINESS IDEAS & JOB EXPO 2010

Motivating youth to experiment with unexplored avenues of entrepreneurship and academics, the two-day Business Ideas & Job Expo 2010 organised by Jang Media Group and Tehzeeb Pakistan concluded here on Friday. 

Youth visited the venue in large numbers on the second day to learn about the changing market trends. They visited every stall enthusiastically and inquired about the opportunities available and qualifications required in the market. The additional feature of ‘Business Ideas’ this year successfully gave new dimension to the young minds looking for profitable career opportunities. 

“I think I should start my career with my own business,” said Saleem Ijaz, a student of MBA last semester. Sharing his experience of the exhibition, another student Sharjeel Ahmed said that he has learned many good things about how to start a new business. “There are unlimited business opportunities available around and in this time of recession in job market, the youth should seriously consider this option,” he said adding one consultant said to him that every recession opens up new business avenues. 

Sales Manger Tehzeeb Arif Waseem told ‘The News’ that he has given more than 50 power point presentations to youth about the new business ideas. He said that their organisation has a list of 1,000 culture friendly business ideas suitable to Pakistan’s political and economic situation. “Soon we will display them on our website “To start up with, we gave presentations on five innovative ideas related to auto industry,” he mentioned. 

Talking about the most liked ideas, Arif said that many young visitors expressed keen interest in Carvertising. “It is a new form of advertising in which consumers wrap their cars in ads for cash,” he said pointing out that car owners can earn a good amount of money by making their car a marketing tool for big companies. 

“To start this expenditure less business, consumers should contact the marketing departments of any organisation,” he said while advising his customers not to approach wrong persons in an organisation. “Approaching the right person in very important to succeed as a business person.” He said that another idea that received good response was to start a business of safety controls for cars in order to protect them from theft. “In developed world, such tools are common mainly for parental monitoring of cars. “Teen drivers are more likely to speed and less likely to wear seat belts. This safety issue gave rise to this idea that proved to be a big success in western markets,” he said. 

The exhibition not only provided a platform to youth to interact with big companies, but it also provided an opportunity for many business organisations to introduce their brand in the market. “Although we are new in the market, but the response was overwhelming,” said Shabir Ahmed, sales boy at a stall offering gent’s wear. As many as 40 stalls of different companies and academic institutions were set up on the occasion. The stalls of big organisation received hundreds of CVs containing information about the aspiring candidates. Some conducted on the spot interviews. Even the stallholders of small business groups displaying their products for sale also received CVs of students looking for experience opportunities. Students were of the opinion that more such exhibition should be organised for youth that feels is directionless and clueless in the present insecure political and economic conditions. “Such events should also be arranged within universities and colleges so that maximum students can benefit from such positive activity,” suggested Shela Saeed, a student of Masters in Social Studies. 

Adding colour to the overall environment were the stalls set up by businesswomen. The delicately designed gold plated jewellery and trendy dresses displayed on these stalls remained the focus of attention for visitors. “Many girls and boys approached us to ask about the prospects of such business,” said Noreen Faiza, a jewellery designer. She said that innovation is the key to be successful in the jewellery and garments business. “The Pakistani products have excellent market aboard,” said Faiza adding that her products are sold as hot cakes in the Europe and United States. 

A young dress designer, Sana Malik, said that combination of quality and marketing skills guarantee the success of a business. She said that despite high competition in this business, there are plenty of unexplored areas yet to be discovered. She urged young and educated girls to try their luck in garments business. 

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