Thursday, May 15, 2014

!!! My husband kills kids with drones - Michelle Obama !!!

According to TR News, “Michelle Obama’s US First Lady picture gone viral when she appeared in a picture supporting the 200 schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria. She was trying to show her support by taking a stand against Boko Haram. But anti drone movement people quickly subverted her message by turning it into an anti drone campaign.
Last week Michelle Obama was appeared in a image holding up a sign that said, "Bring Back Our Girls". This hashtag spread online like a virus within online audience about the tragic kidnapping of the schoolgirls by a radical Islamist group.
People who are against Drone Attacks which is US Forces are using to destroy his enemies but the majority of the victims from Drone Attacks are Innocent People and a big number of children’s are paying the price of it. So opposition used her picture to convey their message as well that raised various concerns on topics ranging from American conservatism, sports, and drones.

According to the Britain based non profit Bureau of Investigative Journalism, “In the Five Years that Obama has been in office, at least 2,400 people across the Middle East and more than 6000 in Pakistani Tribel Areas have been killed by drones. Even critics admit that many of those may have been militants, although the strikes have unleashed unimaginable devastation on civilians and their families particularly in Pakistan, where drones have greatly contributed to anti American sentiment”.

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