Saturday, May 17, 2014

Is Watermelon A Gift from God?

God has created so many different kinds of seasonal fruits which are not only different in flavors and taste but they are also full of different vitamins and minerals necessary for human body. Furthermore, all of them are full of some hidden ingredients which can be used as alternate of medicines.

Watermelon is one of the best in God gifts to the humanity which is also called, “Citrullus Lanatus” in scientific language. God has put so many benefits in this football shaped fruit and I am going to share some of them with you today:
·                     High Blood Pressure – Watermelon has a huge quantity of potassium and magnesium which brings blood pressure down
·                     Cleans Kidney – Good quantities of potassium hidden in watermelon clean extra acids from kidney and avoid the reproduction and storage of uric acid which increase the life line of our kidneys. Furthermore watermelon also has antioxidant which keep kidney healthy.
·                     Diabetics – Patients of diabetics are those who have to take less sugar in the food and mostly they complain about hunger because their body wants more food and they eat most of the time. Although this eating habit is also not good for their health. Watermelon helps them to keep their insulin active due to its heavy water ingredient and other vitamins like potassium and magnesium and keep them healthy.
·                     Security to Heart – Lycopene is also available in watermelon which work to fights free radical compounds thereby it protects the vessels and arteries from hardening the blood which smooth the function and avoid any heart problems which mean it secure your heart from attacks.
·                     Healthy Eye’s – Watermelon is full of vitamin C and Z so people who use watermelon they can feel secure because above mention vitamins are the security guards for your eyes and they keep your eyes secure and sound form all eye diseases.
·                     Safety from Sunstroke – Watermelon keeps temperature and blood pressure down and majority of the Asian People eat watermelon in summer season to reduce the heat pressure and keep calm and cool their bodies which secure them from sunstroke.
Watermelon has some other benefits as well which you easily search and found on the net from me that am it for the day and hope this summer we all will use watermelon as much as we like to prevent all above mentioned health related issues. Happy Bubbling….. :-D

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