Monday, January 2, 2012

WAAR the Movie - A Expensive Gift from Lollywood of Pakistan

Earlier in 2010, we reported that Hollywood producers are auditioning for film actors in Islamabad for a high profile Hollywood and Lollywood collaborative project. The director of the project, Bilal Lashari has shot first full length feature film called Waar, in collaboration with ISPR. The film has been produced by, “Mind Works” Media with Hunt Lowry, Producer of, “Donnie Darko” and, “Warner Brothers smash hit, “A Walk Remember” and numerous other well known films.

Waar (To Strike) is an action, thriller and drama film, written by Hassan Waqas Rana and Stars Pakistan’s finest actors, “Shan and Shamoon Abbasi and the rest of the cast are brand new actors.

The English language film Waar has shot at various locations in and outside of Pakistan, from the beautiful hills of Islamabad to the second last tourist destination in Pakistan, Lahore to the fascinating valley of Swat (the Switzerland of Pakistan) in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, where majored military operation was launched two years ago.

But most of the scenes and script are based around locations in Islamabad. Some part of the film has also been shot in Istanbul, Turkey. As reported earlier, the soundtrack of this one of its kind film has been done by Qayaas, “Inqilaab” khayaal and pal are part of the soundtrack, says Khurram Waqar, the lead guitarist of the band. The presence of Qayaas in the film makes the project sound even more interesting.

The storyline has been inspired by the, “War on Terror” in Pakistan and its effects on the world but with a very stylized interpretation of it. There have been many Hollywood movies which have dealt with the same issue including, “Syriana” released in 2005 and, “A Mighty Heart” was released in 2007, but most of them failed to portray the situation properly except for Syriana which received generally positive reviews.

According to IMDB the estimated film budget is $2,000,000 (PKR 170 millions or 17 Crores). The film being produced by one of the major film studios in America. Warner Brothers, will be first screened at some major internationals film festivals and after its successful screening at the festivals, it will be released worldwide. Mindworks Media’s Dr. Hassan is ramping up several other film projects and has big plans of restarting the film scene in Pakistan.

The 140 minute feature film is currently in its post production stage. Waar is expected to release on Eid-ul-Fitre.

Now I am going to share the first Official Trailer of this biggest budgeted movie of Pakistan’s history, also I want to share the Official Movie Website which is launched now. I want your remarks about this movie so please share your comments about the movie. 



    Short Film. Coming Soon
    Its About 3rd WORLD WAR CHeck it Out Guys...

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