Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today when I was hearing News on Geo Information TV one of the best Information Route in Pakistan I observed that, US representative were saying, “We are watching progress of Memo Case and we wish it will offer comfort to Mr. Haqqani and will not break his primary human being rights”.

Is it granted in the United States to determine Substantial Trial of USA regardless by the authorities’ officials?

Is this a Democratic behavior? Why they are trying to effect on Substantial Trial which is undergoing in Supreme Court of Pakistan? If Mr. Haqqani is not accountable than why, “This type of report came from US spokesperson? If we expect he is accountable than, “Who the terrible are they to provide their own judgment?”

I think this is nothing but, “Interfering in our Inner Matters” and this type of conduct always create us furious and an act of placing gas on fireplace. So are they trying to improve dislike against the United States in Pakistan? What type of sense is this? Are they so dumb? Are they blind? Are they unacquainted with ground facts in Pakistan?

I think they are shades, hard of hearing and most significant stupid on this whole world, why I am saying this hard statement?

Let me Describe my perspective which maybe incorrect but I think this is my essential human being right and as per UN charter its my Independence of Right to say, “Recently Native Indian parliament has handed down a debatable law in which they granted 3 years jail to the whole household who is increasing a cow in there home if law enforcement felled they are increasing her to satisfy their animal meat needs. Why these human being privileges winners are not dealing with this dark-colored law? But they are trying to effect on a situation which is on going in the Substantial Trial and look towards their idiotic strategy whom they are trying to protect, “He said, I completely believe in on a legal court Panel” so what is their problem? I am puzzled, “what is the sense behind this type of Advertising Briefing? What a rubbish act? Are they are actual speakers of US Nation? I think individuals of USA must think about this concern.

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