Friday, October 16, 2009

FASHION: The Designer's Debut In Islooo

Contrary to what most of us think, political wheeling-dealing isn’t the only kind of maneuvering that has been going on in Islamabad these days.

Recently, the capital city witnessed another, stylish kind of deal-making spearheaded by Asad Tareen of The Designers. He managed to strike a deal with some of the top names in fashion design, namely HSY, UmarBatul, Nomi Ansari, Unbeatable, Shaiyanne Malik and Munib Nawaz, providing them with a platform to showcase their ensembles to Islooites along with Maisoon, which is an in-house label.

The opening at the swanky Beverly Centre is an indication of the city’s rising status as the new hotspot for the fashion industry. This potential of Islamabad as an emerging lucrative fashion market was also conspicuous by the turnout at the launch event which was put together by Rezz Aly Shah of Rezz Events.

The hip and happening event had the glitterati in full attendance with the likes of Sobia Nazir, Natasha and Adil Chaudhry, Omar and Nadya Manzoor, Sobia Zoha, Sobia Mustufa, Shireen Khan, Shahnaz A., Yasser Anees Sheikh, Anila Malik, Kokab Abdal, Sameer and Sanya Baig, Asimyar Tiwana, Sam and Adil Chinoy, and Mickey & Momey who have been instrumental in putting Islamabad on the fashion photography map of the country. They were also the official photographers of the show. The strong presence of the print and the electronic media also reflected on the impressive guest list.

The opening of The Designers at the swanky Beverly Centre is an indication of Islamabad’s rising status as the new hotspot for the local fashion industry, with Vinnie, Fauzia and Gia Ali adding oomph and allure to the evening.

Designers Munib Nawaz and Shehla Rehman of Unbeatable was another high point of the event. But it was the trio of models Vinnie, Fauzia and Gia Ali who added oomph and allure to the evening as they dazzled the guests in fetching ensembles. Honey and Kassim of Annie’s Salon gave the girls that touch of glamour with their hair and make-up expertise. Annie’s Salon has also made quite an impact in the city by contributing to the development of the Islamabad fashion scene by working for print shoots with local designers and photographers.

Having recently gotten married, Munib Nawaz with his lovely wife Rabya by his side attracted a lot of attention as the only menswear couturier stocking at The Designers. The male models Sunny and Raja Ali did justice to his eye-catching creations.

The brains behind The Designers, Asad Tareen deserves a pat on the back for the bold venture, investing in a hitherto uncharted territory of Islamabad at a time when everyone seems to be shying away from new business enterprises due to the rather lopsided political and economic situation prevailing in the country.

Story by : Kaleem Ahsan

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