Sunday, October 18, 2009

Connecting you to the World through Wireless Broadband

There is a new Broadband Wireless Internet providing company in town which is called WI-TRIBE Pakistan, and its capturing the Internet users like a virus because of its outstanding speedy services. The company  is a focused and convenient consumer wireless broadband provider that enriches the lifestyles of its customers. It aims to create value across different segments of the society by simplifying its services and enhancing customer convenience. It strives to create a community with flexible online access thus redefining the notion of online freedom.

Backed by unrivaled experience, knowledge and vision, wi-tribe was established in April 2007, combining the strengths of Qatar Telecom (Qtel) together with a proactive partnership with the A.A. Turki Group of Companies (ATCO) and Clearwire. The vast experience these leaders bring to the table has fueled the growth of this new venture, launching wi-tribe regionally as part of Qtel's 2020 vision.

In 2008, wi-tribe expanded its service to Jordan, and has now ventured into Pakistan to bring new wireless opportunities.  For wi-tribe, this is a unique opportunity to showcase the advantages of wireless broadband to the internet community in Pakistan.
Wi-Tribe is designed to usher in a new era that makes broadband a lifestyle!

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